Silver sparks speed dating

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This new Resource can be found in the same spots and can be used to make Stims for you and your clanmates.

All eligible Clans have been rewarded their goods based on the tiers here The operation is over but Synthula is here to stay!

Will you take this time to search for loot, or kill more enemies because ‘why not’?

The lucky few who won early Banshee Prime Access, rejoice! Will the rest of us 'losers' be able to get a sneak peek at the lucky winners frames? Changes: 12 new community-created Tenno Gen items are ready to be added to your Arsenal!

"These two methods clearly do not agree with one another, which means one of two things: either I'm terribly over-analyzing the content of the illustrations of a beloved children's book, or the bunny's bedroom is moving at extremely high velocity relative to the Earth, so that relativistic time dilation makes the six-minute rise of the moon appear to take an hour and ten minutes.

Calculating the necessary velocity is left as an exercise for the interested reader." reason you should use protection when reading fanfic.

That said, fan wank can still be enjoyable, especially if the author is clearly aware of how ridiculous the theory is, and some fan theories can even be adopted by the original work in the form of Ascended Fanon (or a Shrug of God, which means no canon commitment either way and gives the fans room to work with).The problem with this sort of thing is that these fans tend to put much more thought into the work than the authors themselves did, and it results in theories that make no sense, don't make the original work any more enjoyable, or perhaps even resolve a question that was better left a mystery.Particularly common elements of a fan wank include: If the canon author tries to do this to his own work, it's called a Retcon, Re Vision, or otherwise some form of Continuity Porn.The etymology of the word "wank" shows that it means "indulgence", particularly extreme self-indulgence; from there, it passed into British slang for masturbation.Thus, "fan wank" refers to writers stroking their own egos by writing at length about things only they care about.

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